Shift through these positions on a regular basis.



Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall


ARTIST: Fall Out Boy
TRACK: Where Did the Party Go
ALBUM: Save Rock and Roll


Where Did The Party Go by Fall Out Boy (Save Rock and Roll)

You know I only wanted fun.
Then you got me all fucked up on love.


whenever i wanna cry i think about Van Gogh he was such a nice and lonely dude all he wanted was for people to love him he ate yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him oh god oh god that’s so sad i can’t breathe 


omg when he half blinks all drearily i die

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I have an action figure that they gave me like a while back of the winter soldier that I’d…you know… stare at for months.

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at least i know nobody’s using me for my looks

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I had the best time ever at the Panic! At the Disco concert last night god bless Brendon Urie


Because misunderstood good guy Loki. (Don’t ask me why I did it I just feel like it needed to be done. This isn’t entirely original, but most of it I really came up with.)

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Should be doing homework.



fan challenge

1/15 relationships: Dean/Castiel